Designing a Clean Room

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Most manufacturing processes require stringent environmental conditions, which are offered by cleanrooms. These may range from simple laboratories to huge manufacturing facilities. In order for a cleanroom to be efficient, this kind of project should begin with a good design and plan. Designing and planning a sensitive environment such as a clean room is not that easy. So, industries can find the solution in a cleanroom builder. With the right choice, they can get the customized cleanroom that would fit their needs.

About Clean Rooms

Clean rooms, which range in size and complexity, are vital to most industries since they prevent pollutants such as dust, chemical vapors, airborne microbes and aerosol particles from contaminating the manufacturing process and affecting sensitive equipment. They are also designed to control humidity, temperature, pressure and other environmental parameters. Their main component is the High Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA filter, which traps 0.3 micron or larger particles. Though air that is transported to clean rooms passes through HEPA filters, there are instances wherein Ultra Low Particulate Air or ULPA filters are used, when strict cleanliness is needed.

Clean Room Personnel

People who are chosen to work in clean rooms are required to go through extensive contamination control theory training. They need to wear special clothing that is designed to trap the particles they come in contact with and prevent these from contaminating the surroundings. The clothing material, itself, should not release fibers to avoid personal contamination that can degrade the performance of products. Depending on their function, their personal gowning can range from hairnets and lab coats to multi-layered bunny suits that come with a self-breathing apparatus. They have to go in and out of the clean room through air showers, gowning rooms and airlocks.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cleanroom Builder

• Years of experience

Since cleanrooms are special projects that have strict specifications to follow, these require a company that has a proven track record when it comes to building them, from simple to complex ones.

• Cost effective solution

The company should be able to provide a cost effective solution without compromising the quality of their work.

• Services

They should be able to provide most of the following services: construction and installation; electrical services; mechanical services; design; maintenance; fire, security and access; documentation; furniture; modular cleanrooms or laboratories; and environmental chambers.

• Reduced risks

They should be able to meet your requirements and at the same time, reduce the risks during the construction and use of the cleanroom.


The design of cleanrooms should reflect the needs and objectives of the industries, which they are constructed for. For this reason, these industries should carefully choose the company that can build the cleanrooms according to their desired design and plan, plus, considering the above mentioned factors.

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