Does My Business Need Google Plus

Posted on 20. Jun, 2013 by in Business

Google Plus is a social networking platform built and owned by Google Corporation enabling the “corporation” to participate in the social media networking phenomenon. Google Plus (G+) along its base functions merely the same way as most social networking platforms, but the advantage to G+ users are unique seo strategies deployed behind the scenes, that makes G+ different. G+ had a slow start, but matured to overcome many obstacles that held back Google, as an online search engine leader. The corporation already existed having a large online footprint lending to its popularity. However, the corporation didn’t want to be earmarked for attracting children, to play online games, instead G+ users appear to be career orientated adults, professionals, and companies.

Most certainly, a business should use G+. Generally seo strategies only surfaced around the Google search engine. In fact, the corporation has a slew of seo processes, to gather meta-data. Opportunities emerge when a business owner decides to capitalize on search engine marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), and the amount of users trafficking information. The idea is strategic, but still hold principals of advertising, such as: “Advertisement is a wasted resource, if it’s not seen!” Capitalizing on social media networking platforms similar to G+ means arriving to a clear understanding and comprehension how the platform functions. G+ can deliver more than 62 connections per minute which can equate to a lot of connections, in one day. There are more than 40,000 business owners using G+, to communicate and interact with the public and customers. One key difference G+ differs for business, in comparison to other social media networking platforms is the way a business uses G+, to interact with the “public” and not customers.

Before G+, seo strategies were used to attract end-users to a particular website. G+ has a much broader social base than mere seo tactics. G+ integrates directly with all services provided by the corporation including Google’s Android Experience (GAE). For a business, G+ is important because of this measure of interaction between platforms. A business uses commentary to attract specific viewpoints contrasted upon society. Another business may use the platform to engage politics and science or even advocacy. It’s rather important for business owners to understand that seo attracts end-users to a particular website, but G+ is “live interaction with the public.” In fact, business owners can deliver an immediate impact upon the public through a single broadcast. The number of end-users impacted depends on the number of end-users following the business. It’s more like having loyal fans than customers and a business doesn’t need resorting to “tactics” to entice these fans, but rather originality and genuine ethical conduct.

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