Executive Leadership is About Everything

Posted on 11. Mar, 2014 by in Business

An ability to reach people is a personality trait, not a skill. A reader should be able to feel the emotions through a book, or a professional speaker should be able to make his listeners cry, if the case may be so. Leadership isn’t just about being able to plan, or about being strong in making decision. It’s also about the emotional ability the leader must have to reach a person.

Executive leadership is a difficult shoe to walk in. As we walk, we may trip on the ideas of a business plan, or fall head first in a finical situation. Yet, somehow, that leader must keep walking like they never tripped or fell; fall as if no one is looking. They must move as if gliding, hold their head high, watch their step. They must walk with a certain stride, talk with a certain tone, and lead with a certain cause. It’s not as easy as it may look, being the head of the rodeo. Yet some people do it with such ease and we all wonder: how?

Executive leadership is about everything they do to present themselves. Whether the argument be in presentation of their dressing style, what was presented, how it was presented, the style of their delivered speech; it all plays a large role in holding the executive where they need to be. The people we look to most are the ones we consider leaders, yet not leaders at all. But, is it their eyes that make them leaders? Or the way the listen? Or perhaps it’s in the way they talk?

Being a leader is about everything. You must speak with abrupt precision. You must make eye contact, all the while keeping a smile (or, if it’s in a serious tone, perhaps a somber look). You must present yourself well in the way you dress and walk. You must provide quick decisions in a stressful situation. You must promote a coolness, a collected calm at all times. And you must listen. You must understand what another is saying and heed their words.

In being a leader, it’s not really about “leading”. It’s about being a step ahead of the game, keeping cool, calm, and collected, and remembering you’re not the only one in the game. If you’re find yourself leaning toward leadership roles, you must also consider playing fairly. Although life is not fair, you must consider every option and what would be the best option for the candidate at hand.
Leading is about everything down to the way you walk and talk to the very detail of every word you say. It’s important, when being ahead of the game, that you consider all consequences and report the truth to yourself.


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