Great Investment Decisions in Your 20s

Posted on 24. Jan, 2014 by in finance

People all over the world have varied perceptions and definitions related to investment. Many are however misled to think that they have to put their money somewhere for a pretty long period of time and wait for it to gain huge benefits over time. However, for those in their 20s, such kinds of investments might not be worth the hassle. In most instances, people within this age group do not have sufficient amount of money to feed into large scale investments.

The good thing is that there are lots of short term investments which can still guarantee some good results for the people within this age group. The only problem is that many youths find it hard to figure out an investment option which has the least risk and earns maximum benefits. The choice of any investment option out there would be largely determined by the existing economic liquidity situation. On the other hand, the willingness of the individual to take risks also counts. Here now is a look at some of the best investment option for people in their 20s.

Money Market Accounts

These are saving accounts which are normally offered by banks and credit unions. The same accounts are best known for having high interest rates and also need a high minimum balance. If the account holder cannot maintain the minimum amount required, such an action might result in some extra charges. The good thing is that such accounts allow someone to write about three checks in one month.


These loans help to facilitate the provision of a myriad of small loans to people who don’t have the right kind of collateral or financial backing to be able to get loans from banks and a range of other lending institutions. Investors in this category normally give funds to special lenders who are vastly experienced in lending and management. The same lenders also do offer technical help to borrowers. In turn, investors are able to get the interests that would have otherwise been enjoyed by the lending institutions.

Investing in Options

Options can either be derivatives or investments. Their total value is usually determined as per the existing value of the underlying investment. In most instances, options are secured by stocks. However, commodities and indexes can still be used to accompany underlying securities. Investing in stock options gives an investor the ability to buy and sell shares at a set price. In most cases, options have an expiration date. Moreover, doing such an investment requires a great deal of knowledge and experience in financial markets.

Exchange trade funds, and fixed maturity plans are other investment options that people in their 20s can adopt. Anyone who wants to get investment tips should start from such a point. With time, they will be able to appreciate the essence of investing, unravel various forms of investment be able to make informed decisions.


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