Great Opportunities for your Employees to Give Back

Posted on 22. Apr, 2013 by in Business

Something I have always been impressed by is a company giving its employees an opportunity to give back and provide service. In my mind this shows a really good culture for a company. People who aren’t just concerned with themselves are people that I want to be around. This is something I feel is lacking in the world. As humans we tend to be selfish and very inward focused. If more of us focused on others and things we can do to positively help, the world would be a better place. There are many ideas of things your company can do. Something to keep in mind is that National Volunteer Week is April 21-27th. Perhaps designate this week in your organization for service. Look for local opportunities to help your community. One option is helping out with an adoption agency. Helping the less fortunate who are orphaned find families is a great thing you can do. I always feel very humbled when I see conditions these orphaned children are living in. It pulls at my heart strings and makes me want to take all of the children home with me. Perhaps someone in your company is even willing to adopt someone themselves. I know I for one have always wanted to adopt a child from somewhere to give them a better life. Not only would it be rewarding for me but think of how much better quality of a life that child would have.

Another great cause that your employees can volunteer for is a big brother big sister program. This is a great program getting mentors for children that are less fortunate. I see each and every day the positive effect that a mentor can have on troubled youth. I work in a residential treatment center and these boys just need love and a good mentor to look up to. In this program you will get paired up with either a young boy or girl who needs a mentor. You are responsible for helping give them guidance. It is a good idea to help them with their schoolwork and to spend good quality time with them doing activities they like. Often these children come from broken homes and just need some good and positive influence. It is incredible what one person can do for another. Remember that service doesn’t have to be huge. Some smaller scale ideas of things companies can do are participate in building houses, having a food drive for the local food bank, or doing a secret santa and giving a deserving family in the community a great Christmas experience. Lastly, another opportunity for your employees to give back are through organizations that help veterans. Vets Vehicles is a great example. This is a place where you can donate old cars that you don’t use anymore. This is great in two folds. One you are giving back, but by donating you also get to write it off for tax purposes. So when you are looking for a job, be sure to ask an employer you interview with what sorts of options the company participates in for Employees to give back. So get out there and serve.

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