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Growing An Internet Presence For Your Small Business

Posted on 07. Jun, 2013 by in Business

Small businesses today rely heavily on effective online marketing to increase website traffic and in turn attract potential customers. A small business that is lacking in terms of a compelling internet presence will likely be the first to close. The majority of potential customers use the internet to look for businesses to patronize and they are inpatient when it comes to slow sites, sites lacking the content that they need, and scrolling through search results. Follow the tips below to grow an internet presence for your small business.

1. Use Effective Keywords: When a potential customer performs a local search online search engine spiders look for keywords that match that search. Use search engine optimization techniques to research the keywords that customers will likely use then include them in your website. Be careful not to “keyword stuff”, which is when websites put excessive and irrelevant keywords on their pages.

2. Update, Update, Update: It is important to connect social media such as Facebook and Twitter to your current small business site. Most people “like” or “follow” their favorite businesses and this is a great way to get free publicity and increased exposure among other potential customers. It is important to update social media regularly with business-related news as well as specials or discounts.

3. Add Relevant Content: Search engine spiders judge the quality of a website based on the type of content. For instance, a site that has videos will appear higher in the search engine results than one that does not. Since most people performing a local search do not look past the top few results, it is vitally important that your small business appears towards the top in order to get more site visitors.

4. Provide Incentives: When it comes to social media, providing incentives is a great way to increase exposure. For example, offer 10% off a product or service for everyone who “likes” your Facebook page or give a free sample to everyone who follows your Twitter feed. There are tons of unique ways to provide incentives for more local fans of your business to get involved and spread the word.

5. Keep the Site Working: One mistake that is commonly made among small businesses is a site that does not work properly. Broken links are probably the most common example. A functioning site is important for visitors to adequately access the information that they need in a timely manner but it is also important because search engine spiders look for broken links and decrease the hierarchy of sites with them.

6. Spread the Word: No matter how effective the internet has become, there is nothing that compares to word of mouth. Spread the word to customers, friends, and family about the website and social media connections and watch as the web grows.

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