Helping With High Call Volumes For Your Business

Posted on 14. Jun, 2013 by in Business

Let me tell you, Answering Services San Francisco is the way to go. I work for a large business, and we get a massive influx of calls daily. Thanks to their professionally trained operators, we’re able to receive thousands more calls every day than we used to. Any time we ever have any questions, their support team responds quickly and cooperatively. We’ve never had an issue using any of their services, but if we ever did, we’d rest assured knowing any problems would be quickly resolved..

Between simple, low prices, and professionally trained operators, success is inevitable when utilizing their services. For starters, you get to choose either a local San Francisco number or a toll free number. We opted for the local number; it makes our business seem more down to earth. Still, if your business has nationwide appeal, a toll free number will help quell fears of long distance fees. Speaking of long-distance fees, with Answering Services San Francisco, no matter how long you talk after a call has been transferred to you, you never pay any long distance fees.

Probably the best feature has to be the fact that our phones are now open twenty four hours a day, every day of the year. We never have to worry about a customer not being able to reach us, regardless of if it’s late at night, the weekend, or even a holiday. On that note, there are no extra holiday fees, which is a big relief for our bottom line.

Not only is Answering Services San Francisco extremely reliable, but they’re chock full of features as well. One my of favorites are the business intelligence call reports. Their online dashboards give us on demand detailed access to real time call records. The coolest part is these calls are integrated into Google Maps with various charts and graphs. This helps lead to us picking up on a surprising number of missed details.

Another great thing is how professional the call operators are. They’re extremely attentive and highly trained, capable of taking appointments and screening calls. Additionally, we’re able to provide emergency support for our clients any time of day, any day of the week. We’ve even provided them with a staff escalation list, so the call center knows exactly who to contact and when. This kind of reliability is essential to maintaining the great relationship we have with our clients.

Of course, services this great must sound like they cost a small fortune. Surprisingly, they don’t. The answering services have very fair and reasonable rates, all without any annual contracts.

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