How Mobile Development Services Empower Regular People

Posted on 18. Jul, 2013 by in Business

Application development has been a reality since before the 1940’s with the use of punch cards and as a coded language this was fine for that time, but through the beginning of the 60’s and on, electronic computer technology provided companies the opportunity to create applications using coded languages. From the sixties into the twenty-first century this was fine as well. The variety of languages has expanded greatly and can now be used with full efficiency by the services like that of SolutionStream.

COBOL, Fortran and others were being created, developed and standardized in the 90’s when operating systems were moving in the direction of a Graphical User Interface (GUI). This meant that the languages and their compilers were becoming more loaded hence programming languages like java or even open source C codes.

Hand held mobile phones were becoming more than phones, they required an interface of their own and data storages. The introduction of the iPhone in 2006 changed everything. Using the apple open programming Software Development Kits (SDK), people were able to develop their own applications for the proprietary platform. The knowledge to do this required people to join and already know the language to complete the testing or learn it. Throughout the years since 2006 other manufacturers competed with their own SDKs using a variety of open languages and freed up a lot of the source code so that developers could compete with apple.

While there are plenty of people who have become familiar with the code, others have created more immediate solutions where a new small business or project will need a new ‘face’ and look via the internet. SolutionStream is able to create these types of applications as a joint resource of language knowledge and efficient tools that give a new-comer the ability to create a mobile app with little or no knowledge of programming languages.

Life and business on the internet is very real. A podcaster can set up a blog, a website and a mobile application to promote their services and build up their fan base, much like any other business. With the use of mobile technology, everyone is now able to see the business with just one-click. The design and the functionality of these tools are particularly important for a fast-moving world. That is why these experts are able to take the idea and use their knowledge to create amazingly attractive applications for that promotional campaign.

This is what makes a corporation stand out, and now the same power is granted to anyone else as an individual or a small business to reach out to their customers. The fact that SolutionStream exists and is this powerful is the kind of empowerment that will help shape the future or marketing. The increased rate of development services secures individual entrepreneurship.

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