How to Stay Up to Date With Financial Trends

Posted on 03. Feb, 2014 by in finance

When you want to protect your investment, keeping up with the stock market is a must. In general, having an expert on hand is the strongest way to truly understand the market, but many people don’t have easy access to such an expert. Fortunately, through the internet, radio, and other forms of media, there are many ways to keep up to date with the state of the financial world.

Through televised news, there are plenty of outlets for day-to-day stock information. CNBC is a popular show, as is FOX, but most news stations have a financial portion that anyone can benefit from. Most, if not all, newspapers also possess a financial section, which may be more convenient than tuning in to a station for a particular time every day. Many people like having reading material around to fill in the gaps of downtime, keeping up with your stocks can fill in that time with a productive outlet.

There are many free financial news letters available, and most can be signed up for quite easily via the internet. provides access to multiple newsletters, as does and Similar to newsletters, there are many financial journals, such as the Wall Street Journal, Oxford Journal, and the American Finance Association’s Journal of Finance. These tend to offer more general information, while newsletters can be picked and sorted through, and detail more specific topics of interest.

Lastly, one might consider hiring a financial adviser. While this is probably the most expensive option, it’s also the safest, and when protecting a large investment, adding a smaller investment on top to stabilize the original investment is often the smart choice. The best way to find a financial adviser is through recommendation or relation. A family member or close friend will offer personable services, perhaps even at a reduced price. A referral from a friend is also ideal, as the friend can be used as a ‘test run’, to guarantee the quality of the adviser. Media is also a strong way to find an adviser or a bank of advisers. Trusted television personalities might recommend their personal advisers, though it is important to investigate the candidate and confirm that they didn’t merely buy their way into the show. Finally, it’s very important to meet with the candidate, to ensure that they have their clients’ best interest in mind. Recommendations can do a world of help in choosing an adviser, but in the end, if you don’t feel comfortable, it’s probably best to interview other candidates.

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