Importance of having a Blog on your Website

Posted on 26. Apr, 2013 by in Business

Many companies maintain corporate website to provide information and contact options for existing and potential customers by using website promotion. While this can be useful information to any individual looking for information on a company, having a simple informational site does not provide the same connection to customers as does other website options. Developing a way for potential and existing customers to interact with the company often breeds brand loyalty and leads to additional sales. One way for a company to do so is through the creation of a blog.

A corporate blog is a regularly written journal that is kept by the employees of the company. This blog offers a personal touch to a corporation and, if done well, can lead to increased sales, a more passionate and loyal customer base, and worth of mouth free advertising.

An ongoing blog provides customers with a regularly updated source of information about the company. While the format of a blog is informal in nature, it can provide users with regular information about the company including corporate news, and product discounts and sales, and changes in personnel of the company. Furthermore, it can provide a way to interact with members of the company and can provide feedback and interactions with company employees, which can drive future sales.

A blog also allows the company to obtain feedback from regular customers which the company may then be able to incorporate into their product offerings. This may promote brand loyalty among customers and can keep the traffic up at the company’s website which can help the company to gain information about their customers and their tastes and preferences. As a result, the company may be able to use their blog to help develop new products and services that customers are able to more fully appreciate. This can lead to further sales and profitability.

Blogs can be purely informational and can provide information to existing and potential customers regarding the services and products offered, insight into the company’s product offerings, updates on new developments at the company, and a personal touch regarding the employees at a company. This allows many customers to see the company as being more than just a corporation and understand that there are employees behind the logo of the corporation. This may help the corporation to develop an ongoing relationship with customers.

As such, the Company can benefit greatly with these interactions through a blog by working with passionate customers to develop a site that has a robust following and that accepts feedback from customers and provides information and offerings of the company’s products. A blog is therefore an excellent addition to many corporate websites and can help to fuel the future success of the business.

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