Improving Your App and Web Design

Posted on 25. Sep, 2013 by in web design

If you are in the middle of a new web and mobile app development or design project, you may be in need of some strategies to make that software design the best it can possibly be. Follow a few tips to get you where you want to be.

Think About Smart Phone Functionality

When designing a new app it is key that you keep in mind the device the user will ultimately be using to access the software. There are so many different smart phone variations today, and you want to create a system that is easily downloadable for a wide variety of cell phone users. As such, take care when writing your design code to create an app that can be supported on a multitude of smart phones, which will open you up to as many users as possible.

Consider Your Target Audience

But don’t forget to think about the human side of app design. Often we get caught up in the technical jargon associated with software design, and we forget to actually think about the individual who will be ultimately using the app in his or her own life. Functionality, ease of use, visual display, clear instructions, easy to see font; all of these things should be combined with a general understanding of the customer you are trying to reach out to.

Create a Template

To make reaching that target audience easier, consider designing an app template, which creates a standardized way to design each level of the app. For instance, you want a certain level of continuity from page to page, which will both look good and make it easier for the user to navigate. Beginning app design with a template formula is a step in the right direction and a good indicator of how successful your ultimate design will be.

Do Market Research

But you can’t reach the users you want if you don’t even know what those particular users are looking for in an app. This is where market research comes in. Set up a test phase, or beta phase, for your app before launching it to the public, so you can work out any little kinks and get immediate feedback on how well users think the app is set up. This helps you avoid customer disappointment later on and lets you get a handle on problems before it is too late.

Create an App That Works on Several Platforms

Finally, consider branching out your app design, so that users that fall in love with the software can access it in a number of places. Smart phones, tablets, laptops and even mp3 players are ideal places to make you app available, so you can reach the largest audience possible and make the app easily usable for your entire client base.


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