Landing your Dream Job

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People have got different dream and aspirations. There are those who want to become doctors, teachers and engineers. Others train to become writers, journalists, vets and pilots. For every career path, you must go to school and get the required certifications. After you graduate from college, the next task is how to land a dream job. This is usually the peak of your career. Are dream jobs mere myths? Is it possible to land a dream job?

Get the right qualifications

Whether you aspire to be a doctor or writer, it is up to you to know what it takes to get there. Find out which areas of specialization are available and whether you are up to the task. Work hard in school in order to attain top grades that will facilitate admission in a college or university. Once admitted, put your best foot forward and acquire a degree. This will give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs.

Have a well written resume

Before you start job hunting, prepare your resume. This is a document that highlights your academic as well as professional qualifications. Indicate your qualities, references and contact address. In case you do not know how to write a resume, look for someone who can. There are freelance resume writers who will only charge you a few dollars for the task. Professionally written resumes stand out from a pile of other poorly written ones.

Know your industry

It pays to know how your desired industry operates. Take time to learn what the different areas are and the kind of people required. Identify which area you would like to pursue. You can easily get this information from the internet, former college mates or friends who are already employed. While still at it, find out the job groups, entry level positions and the salaries each of these positions attract. In case you happen to have been asked to attend an interview, carry out some research on the company in question.

Dressing for the interview

After weeks of consistent searching, you finally get invited for an interview. Here is a chance for you to prove that you are the person they are looking for. Dress properly by putting on a suit and a tie. Create the impression of a serious person. A clean shaved beard will also enhance your looks and cut the image of a person who is deeply interested in the vacant job. Having a men’s shaving kit in your possession can work wonders for you. You will only need to go shave a day prior to the interview. There are jobs where impression is an important aspect. Take the case of salesmanship, marketing or front office work for instance.

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