Link Building Or Social Media?

Posted on 15. Aug, 2013 by in Business

In the realm of SEO and website optimization, link building helped to create a network of sorts between varieties of interconnected websites directing traffic from one to another.  In today’s fast paced online interface of social marketing many links have been dramatically replaced with social media connections.  Still there is a positive result when link building is done correctly.  Link building can add a domino effect to your rankings in search results as well as in increasing the traffic to your website.  Orangesoda can help you improve your overall online rankings as well as appearance through website optimization, link building, and social media avenues.  When working with link building today here are the important things you need to know:

  • Everything revolves around quality content.  From the content of your website to what you post on social media outlets and the links you create focus on quality.  The higher the quality connection between websites, the higher quality the information being shared the more valued it is, not only for SEO results but more importantly for your customers and website visitors as well.  Good content leads to natural and successful link building.
  • Using social media outlets do not need to take place of link building, but can if fact help contribute to more successful and valuable links.  Social media has become the avenue the majority of the people around the world connect not only with friends and family but with businesses as well.  It is vital for your business to learn to work within the scope of various social media outlets to ensure that you continue to reach the mass marketplace.  By creating you’re an online presence through various social media outlets you will reach potential customers as well as other like minded and associated businesses.  It is these business connections that will help you to continue to build quality links.
  • It is important to understand the two most common types of links that can occur within your page.  Some of the most valuable links are those that occur randomly or naturally.  These links include connections made through blogs, forums, and even online postings in random sites that focus positive attention on your business.  Social media outlets often increase the frequency of these types of links because of the ability to quickly tag or mark your business in their information.  Other links building includes those that you actively seek out and work to gain.  These are other businesses that you work with to create mutual links.

Understanding that the reason behind link is to increase the visibility of your page is important, further realizing that the better the quality the content included in both posts as well as links the better the results in both SEO as well the impact for potential customers.

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