Navigating the Workers Compensation Maze

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Injured at work? Then signing up for workers compensation is the obvious decision to help out in this unfortunate situation, right? Not so fast. The twisting winding maze that is the procedures, forms and all things workers compensation can be daunting. Such questions as, do I qualify, where do I go, how much will I receive, what if my claim is denied are only the beginning of navigating the bureaucratic system.

Making Sense of it All

Not so long ago a service called Claimwire came into existence. The task endeavored upon was by no means a small one. This service wanted to make available to those inquiring about or needing workers compensation a way to work through the process of workers compensation without the massive headache of an immensely confusing and difficult system.

Information and More

In addition to analytical tools, content and so on, Claimwire has attempted to fill in all the gaps in a system that has needed a simpler, easier to use tool to help claimants get from point A to point B. With a constant update of laws and changes to workers compensation, forms and experienced help, the hope is that this will enable users to better understand and use a system designed to help people.

Proof is in the Pudding

A strong indicator or how well any program or system is working can often be determined by those who have used it. At last count, over seven million forms have been downloaded, so it appears that somebody is finding this service to be useful. It is also worth noting that this is a free service. From the first report form to the completion and approval of a claim and beyond this service is truly making an effort to remove the burden from the claim process.

Hopefully the need to file for workers compensation isn’t ever anything that you have to deal with, but it is nice to know that help and a place to begin the process has seemingly been developed. A fairly new organization (founded in 2012) there may certainly be an aspect here or there they may have been missed or that needs improved. That still doesn’t change the fact that when navigating the choppy waters of this system, it is certainly better to do so with sea worthy vessel and navigational tools. This service hopes to be that vessel, complete with a guidance system.

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