New York Production Companies

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Many New York Production Companies exist in and around New York. Production companies specialize in development of a variety of video productions such as:
• Sporting events
• Charity events
• Conferences and breakout sessions
• Public Service Announcements
Production companies also collaborate on projects to provide expertise. Sometimes, the production team on site can be deadlocked and unable to add innovative ideas to the scenario under production. Bringing in an outside production company to assist with brainstorming ideas can help to generate fresh ideas.

Production companies can help with the following:
• Editing video
• Audio production and mixing
• Audio and video output
• Recording i.e. DVD, mpeg, etc.
• Duplication of video
• Graphics

Production companies can help bring ideas to life. Most video productions are built from an idea. The idea is expanded upon, and turned into a video or production.

New York Production Companies typically utilize storyboards to etch out the details of a video production. The storyboard contains details about what will occur in the scene. Things like age of actors, music, setting, lighting, camera angle, and a multitude of other details.

Scripting is another integral element to video production. Scripting is the process of writing the words actors will speak during the scene. Scripting not only includes the words that will be spoken, it also includes the actor’s mood, tone, kinesics (body language), word choice, and many other factors.

Typically, production is a work in progress, that is, elements are added and deleted as the production progresses. Once production starts, the producer and staff may decide to change lighting, music, or word choice of the actor to exemplify something entirely different than the original thought.

Have you ever heard the expression, “There are a lot of balls in the air?” This quote does a pretty good job with illustrating video production. Subtle changes in any one of the many parts of video production can create a drastic change in the end result. Each camera angle can cause the audience to perceive a scene differently. Word choice, voice inflection, and body language of the actors can be used to paint an entirely different picture.

Music is one of many influential moving parts to production. Emotions can be invoked just through sound. During a sad scene, musing can cause the viewer to well up with tears. During a triumphant scene, music can increase the viewers sense of becoming overwhelmed with joy. Scary movies are great for using music or a series of tones to foreshadow something scary is about to happen. One great example of the use of music is the Jaws theme.

New York Production Companies specialize in a variety of production and duplication mediums.

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