Office Space Checklist 1 to 9

Posted on 15. Jul, 2013 by in Business

When you choose an office space for your business you define your business to your employees, to your customers, vendors, and partners. Depending on the type of business you run, your office space may be the place where you spend most of your waking hours. Here are a few items to look at before you look for Office Spaces for Lease in Dallas:

Item 1: Parking. If your business depends on people coming to your locations you need to make sure that parking is available, well lit, and secure. If you are sharing a parking lot with another business make sure that the rules on parking are fair and transparent.

Item 2: Location. If your business sells to other businesses it usually makes sense to be in an area where other businesses are located. Are your key employees going to have to commute an hour to get to work?

Item 3: Connectivity. Make sure that you have a solid Internet connection. Sometimes businesses in new buildings and shopping centers are forced to dig a trench just to bring an Internet connection to their location.

Item 4: Layout. Do you need a large conference room for meetings or a set of private offices? Are you allowed to modify the space? Who will pay for any construction work that is needed?

Item 5: Lease. Work with your realtor and your business’ lawyer to review the lease. Are there charges beyond the rent for common spaces? Are there certain types of insurance policies that are required? If a major repair needs to take place who pays for it? Do you have the ability to continue your lease when the term ends?

Item 6: Accessibility. Are you going to have to make modifications for disabled persons? Does the office space have the proper ramps, doors, and bathroom stalls to meet compliance?

Item 7: Disaster Preparation. Are you in a flood zone? Where is the nearest fire station?

Item 8: Landlord. Its important to know who you will be dealing with on repairs, rental payment, and potential issues with other tenants. Just as the landlord will be seeking references on your company, you need to verify that the landlord is accessible and professional.

Item 9: Flooring. Make sure that you have an industrial carpet or flooring that isn’t going to be too hard to clean and make sure that whatever color or design that it is that you can live with it for the term of your rental.

Sometimes finding a location for an office can be frustrating. Your realtor can give you a solid list of available properties to review. Finding an office can be hard work but being thorough and patient will help you succeed.

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