Ron King Academy: Cosmetology, Barbering and Esthetics School

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Ron King Academy is an exclusive school of cosmetology, barbering and esthetics. Ron king is a celebrity hairstylist with over twenty years in the business who’s joined with David and Christie Gonzales to help ensure students reach their potential. Students learn to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true by being prepared for all aspects of a cosmetology career. Business skills are taught as well through Salon Summit Business Center so students are prepared for owning a salon of their own one day, if they should so choose.

Ron King Academy partnered with L’Oreal Professional to teach students to sell the best beauty products for their customers and build a clientele. Of course, the basic salon skills are taught first and foremost. Those include, but are not limited to: Hair styling, extensions, cuts, colors, highlights, perms, nails, hair removal, and more. Students can choose to go as far as their desire takes them in the beauty world. They can work with models on runways, prepare models for photo shoots, and work with high-end clients. Or, they may choose to stay close to home and work in a local salon. The choice is up to them. The hands-on approach will help students when they begin working in the real world. They are trained to manage and run a salon on their own. Salon Realities is a program that puts students in real-life type situations so they have experience when they actually do run across them in their career. They will be more than prepared and know how to handle whatever comes their way.

There is also an honors program to give specialized training to those students who desire to go further. Students are given 1500 hours of hands-on training. Barber courses include: shaves, razor cuts, hair design, clipper cuts, facials and more. If you’re interested in skin care, the esthetics program might be for you. The class prepares students with the technology, techniques and business skills expected of skin care professionals. You’ll learn how to make clients feel and look their best while using the newest technology and state-of-the-art equipment. This academy offers the ultimate education for anyone wanting to break into the field. Ron, David and Christie are also very charitable and believe in giving back and helping people all over the world. The Dream Beauty Academy is a non-profit school in Rwanda. It’s tuition-free and offers students and their families supplies and meals. For some, it’s the chance of a lifetime. These students may never have had any opportunity like this. For more information you can click this link:

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