Starting a Weekend Yardcare Company

Posted on 30. Sep, 2013 by in lawnmower

Offering yard care services can be a great way to boost your income during warm weather months. Some of the yard care services you can offer including regular mowing, trimming, weeding, planting, aerating, and even designing and installing landscape elements. To begin your own weekend yard care company you need to have a few essential items including:

  • Quality mowing equipment. Invest in quality commercial lawn care equipment that will withstand the repeated use of mowing multiple lawns regularly. Consider a zero turn riding lawnmower that will allow you to more quickly cover the same amount of lawn. You should also be sure to have a powered walk behind lawn mower. There will be some areas of specific lawns that you will not be able to reach or effectively mow with a riding lawn mower, a walk behind mower allows you to reach these spaces. Other equipment you should consider includes a weed trimmer for edging flower beds or trimming lawns in tight spaces.
  • Time and manpower. When you first begin your weekend yard care you will most likely be just doing it on your own. Before beginning doing this as a service for others begin tracking how long an average lawn takes you to mow. This will help you determine just how many lawns you can do in one day easily as well as help you when determining how much you want to charge for routine services. You may soon find that you can easily fill your weekends with more jobs than you can handle. It is important to understand your own limitations, how much of it can you do on your own, and when will you need to recruit other help.
  • Skill and experience. While simply mowing a lawn seems pretty straight forward, when you are doing it for other people you should have some skill and experience you can rely on. A lot of the skill you consist of knowing how to mow as well to provide the best looking lawn. If you decide that you want to expand from simple yard care to other landscaping services, it is important that you have the necessary skill to complete those tasks. For instance, when installing a new flower bed you should understand which plants would be best suited to the local environment as well as watering needs and other conditions.

If you love working in the outdoors and enjoy yard work this could be a great opportunity for you. You will soon find that there are many people in your own local area that will gladly choose you for routine yard care services. With the right price, quality work, and regular scheduling you can soon fill your weekends with this new business venture.

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