The Process of Software Design

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Software design is a very intricate process which requires a variety of steps in order to fabricate a professional product. The steps required to produce software typically involve designing, creating, and then testing. A whole host of professionals often work on designing software, such as software engineers and quality control.

In the first stage of software development, the software is usually mapped out on a white board while a team of engineers is present. This process establishes how the final product will behave and what the user should expect when they activate a certain part of the software. A typical view of this process would usually include the software’s start menu, mapped functions, as well as the exit of the software. This process assists the engineers in the creation process of the software. By mapping the software out physically, they are able to separate the software into separate areas and work on those specific areas.

After the initial structure of the program has been mapped out, the engineers will typically move to the creation of the software. Software is written in computer language, often utilizing various programming languages such as C++, Java, or C#. These programming languages play a huge role in the creation of software and are often used for very specific tasks. For example, Java may be better used for programming web based applications rather than C++. However, C++ is commonly used in most business settings as it encompasses most of what software engineers need to create the software they desire. Creation of the software is the most challenging part of designing software. Many software engineers program in completely different styles, which makes it difficult to collaborate on large projects. In the creation process engineers are typically assigned a portion of the code that they must create. If these parts do not interact well with the other, the software may fail. However, a more effective process is to have a single engineer design the code while other engineers collaborate and edit it. However, with large software this is unrealistic as many companies have deadlines to meet and a single person working on the code is very time consuming.

Testing the software is another strenuous point in the process of software design. When software has bugs, repairing these bugs can often cause more damage to occur. When testers find these bugs, they often consult the engineering team as to whether the bug must be fixed or not. However, a saved copy of the previous version of the software is easily obtainable, allowing engineers to revert the software to it’s previous state if fixing a bug causes more bugs. Testing the software can be just as time consuming as creation.

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