Tips on Having a Viral YouTube Video

Posted on 17. Apr, 2013 by in Business

It seems like every single day we are bombarded with videos on YouTube that feature people doing crazy, funny, or even dangerous things. These videos might not seem all that interesting when the description of the video is read, but that changes as soon as you watch the video. The other fascinating part about a viral video on YouTube is how quickly it can garner views. A video can be posted at a random time throughout the day and in a week or two have hundreds of thousands of views or more. People often wonder why this happens and how to create their own video, regardless of it will be silly in nature or perhaps have a deep meaning. There are many ways in which a person can create something that will go viral.

One of the best possible ways to create a video that will go viral is to simply get a huge deal of people together who have a common interest. You can organize these people to do anything such as re-enacting something that gained a great deal of media attention lately, or perhaps have them all do something crazy that you know is going to get attention.

One thing that people forget when trying to create a video is that the title and tags that the video has are going to make a huge difference. This is seen by videos that have exploded such as The Harlem Shake. This is a dance that has been around for a huge amount of time but has recently exploded into popularity. If you are lucky enough to have friends who have actual talent you too can create a viral video of a kind of dance. Better yet, having a film crew to help create a professional video will increase your chances tenfold as people like to see high quality recordings.

Simply recording yourself doing something such as singing, making fun or or copying a celebrity, or doing something crazy like jumping into shark infested waters with a funny suit on are all ways to make a YouTube video go viral and help with website promotion. It seems as if the more dangerous something is, the higher vote count it is going to get, and larger amount of views. However, a person who is determined and very emotional about a particular subject such as a crisis that happened recently will be able to get just as many views as someone doing something silly.

Determination is the top motivator in these types of things. Do not be dissuaded when your video doesn’t immediately become viral. You don’t have to have expensive tastes, tons of money, or a huge deal of friends to become viral. You just need to do something that will grab attention and keep it for long enough to get enough views.

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