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Ages ago, before shaving cream was invented, men have shaved their beards so in the event that you find yourself without it, there are many other products to use, many of which are probably in your home at the moment.

One household product that works well as a “pretend shaving cream” is bar soap. The nice thing about a bar of soap is that is can last longer than a can of shaving cream, but it can dry the skin out. However it may be comforting to know that if you run out of shaving cream, don’t hesitate to use soap. One of the best choices of soap to use is a glycerin due to its exceptional moisturizing capabilities.

Skin lotion, whether for the hand or body also works well as it is moisturizes the skin, glides on well and in some instances it works better. If you have sensitive skin and it occasionally gets irritated with red bumps or becomes dry, shaving will only increase its sensitivity, so an option is to use lotion instead of a shaving cream. You might choose a lotion which contains aloe or one which is meant for sensitive skin. Also a large tube will probably last longer than a can of shaving cream.

Shea butter is an ingredient used immensely in cosmetics and is known for its great moisturizing and calming properties. When applied on the skin prior to shaving, it limits the cutting strength (or damage) between the skin and the razor blade. Available in any drug store, it will provide a closer and even shave with less distress placed on the skin. If you use shea butter you will not need to apply a moisturizer after the shave because this naturally nurtures the shaved skin.

Baby oil is wonderful to prevent those tiny nicks due to shaving which then cause bleeding. Found in almost every type of department store, this oil will protect your face from irritations, many of which are caused from the stress of a razor blade. Simply put a few small drops on your face, spread it and begin using the razor. At first it may be slightly slippery with each razor stroke and you will not have the usual smoothness, but afterwards you will not have those bloody nicks or red bumps on your face. As with shea butter, you will not have to apply any moisturizer when you are done shaving because the baby oil already moisturizes it nicely. Baby oil also costs less than shaving creams, particularly the brands found in upscale stores. Baby oil will be greasy however so it will take a little more time to clean your hands and razor blade. Get luxury badger brush for better results in shaving.

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