Web Hosting Advantages

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There are a few different ways you can create a website and get it online to be accessed by potentially billions of internet users. You can use your home computer as a web server, but you may not have high enough specifications or a powerful enough internet connection to handle the traffic your website may generate. A better option is website hosting. You can use a free online hosting service, or you can use a web hosting service provider. While you may pay a monthly fee with a web hosting service provider, there are distinct advantages over using a free hosting service.

Domain Name

With a web hosting service provider, you register your own domain name, either on your own or through the provider, and that becomes the web address for your website. With a free service, your website name includes the name of the free service. For example, if you use a service provided by freeblogsforyou.com, your website may be found at www.freeblogsforyou.yourwebsitename.

Email Addresses

Web hosting service providers typically provide email addresses using your registered domain name. Free hosting services do not. Web hosting service providers usually offer multiple packages, which may include anywhere from 5 to 200 email addresses using your domain name. For example, one of your email addresses may be billing@yourdomainname.com. If you use a free hosting service, you’ll have to create your own email address through  an email service provider and try to match the name as closely as possible to the name of your website.

Technical Support

Free hosting services typically offer some technical support, though it is usually web-based and in the form of frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages and user forums. You may be able to communicate with someone via email to resolve issues you might be having, but not all free hosting services offer email support. Web hosting service providers typically do offer technical support, though it may be at different levels based on the package you choose. You may be able to access web-based support services, similar to those offered by free hosting services, but you may also be able to connect with a technical support professional via a web form, email or telephone.


Free hosting services generally require advertising be included on your website. You may not have any control over the number or type of ads placed on each page. It is also not likely that you will share in the revenue from ads placed on your site by the free hosting service. Web hosting service providers do not place advertisements on your website. The only ads on your web pages will be placed there by you, and you will potentially earn revenue from them.

There are many advantages to using a web hosting service provider, especially if you think your page will grow quickly. Conduct some research to make sure you’re choosing the best option for your needs.

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