What does Chargify do?

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Chargify is a payment gateway software company that makes it easy for vendors to automate billing for recurring transactions.

The company provides comprehensive solutions for automatic billing using emails, apps and advanced technology. They also provide services to handle taxes, coupons and payment failures.

Launched in 2009 and founded by David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos (also founders of Grasshopper virtual phone) the company is located in Neeham, MA. It works with multiple payment processors including TrustCommerce and Authorize.net.

The company provides a service that is tailored for subscription services and gives vendors the option to solicit products on their platform. With this service merchants can offer their customers a variety of pricing options with a diverse range of setup fees and free trials.

Service plans for businesses include innovative ways to conduct eCommerce and safely complete online transactions.

The company offers a variety of impressive tools including RESTfulAPI. This feature gives businesses a seamless method of processing credit card payments directly from the vendors website. Additional tools include report management features that can be delivered via email.

They also provide a Quickbooks integration feature facilitating comprehensive account management and payment analysis. This feature compliments the ability to get real-time insight into revenue trends and order flow. In addition they provide a powerful business dashboard for end-to-end performance analysis over a quantifiable duration. Along with the dashboard they offer an iphone app and analytic reports to track revenue streams.

Chargify has innovated the merchant account market but maintains traditional support services. Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week support includes a technical team located in Massachusetts. The team is an experienced group of professionals with advanced training to address application and technical issues.

The service gives vendors the opportunity to increase their income by participating in an affiliate referral program. This gives business owners the opportunity to earn residual income when referrals sign up for a paid service plan. Distribution of referral offers (by vendors) is made easy in the form of receiving a tracking URL from the company. The URL can be tweeted or posted to the vendors Facebook page or website.

The service empowers businesses with flexible options to offer their customers. Businesses have the ability to charge their patrons setup fees, one-time charges, recurring charges, metered variable pricing and to offer coupons & discounts along with free trials. Free trials can be configured to automatically trigger payment schedules after expiration periods.

Unlike traditional merchant accounts this service makes the process of accepting payments dynamic and hassle free.

Listed are additional features Chargify offers:

-Branded customer signup pages

-Customer self-service portals

-Invoicing (for customers that do not pay with credit cards)

-VAT and GST tax management

-Pro-rating for a variety of upgrades & downgrades

-Level 1 PCI annual audits managed by Visa

-Many payment vendors (Beanstream, PayPal, Eway, Braintree, Quickpay,

Stripe and wirecard)


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