What is The Java Code?

Posted on 09. Dec, 2013 by in software, web design

The Java programming language was created in the 1990s to write apps for mobile devices such as smart phones, but, thanks to the four criteria that guided its development, Java is a popular choice for Web page design.

Java code is based on the powerful C++ language, but Java meets four criteria that make it better suited than C++ for apps that will be used by a wide variety of devices with different operating systems — ease of use, freedom from programming errors, security, and the ability to be understood by any operating system.

Both C++ and Java use programming commands based on the English language, which make both easier to use than programming languages requiring numeric code. However, while Java remains a powerful language, it is less complex than C++, which makes it even easier to use and more suitable for devices that may have more limited memory capacity than a computer would. Java is also a more reliable, less error-prone language.

The Java programming language reduces the errors made by programmers when writing an app because the rules for how a particular type of data is to be handled are placed together with the data. For example, in Java code, the programmer would include the instructions for what a computer or mobile device is to do with the information about books listed in an inventory program together with the information about the books. Instructions for handling the information about the people on a list of those who buy and return books would be placed with the information about the people on the customer list. Further, Java’s reliability extends beyond reducing programming errors.

Because Java was created for use on mobile devices that would be communicating and exchanging information over public networks, security was a key concern. A high level of security is built into Java, and it is one of the most secure programming languages in use to date. Java’s use by so many different mobile devices with different operating systems created another key requirement.

Java needed to be a programming language that was independent of any particular operating system. It needed to be a language that could be understood by the operating system of any computer or mobile device so that apps written in Java could run on any and every computer, smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

The same four criteria that make Java useful for writing apps for any and every computer and mobile device also make it extremely suitable for Web page design. Web pages using Java code are easy for a programmer to create, are less likely to contain errors, are secure, and are accessible to every computer and mobile device.

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